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Technology companies, at startup and growth stage, are often driven by innovative technologists and experienced business people. However, gaps between these skill sets frequently result in unforeseen problems that hinder the companies' growth, or worse, threaten their very existence. Some examples:

  • Ambitious startup continually misses development milestones
  • Technology-focused approach to product development leads to products that won't sell
  • Innovative product launches in the marketplace but soon falters due to unforeseen problems
  • "Blame the customer" attitude gets in the way of product/service improvement and revenue growth

Forteus Consulting helps bridge the gap between technology and business. Technologists often make technology decisions that unknowingly impact the business. Business executives often make business decisions that are not fully informed by the technology's strengths and weaknesses. Forteus brings 15 years of experience in cutting edge technologies and 15 years of experience in large and small businesses, together with a disciplined fact-based, data-driven approach to problem solving and business improvement.

Company values:

  • Honesty - we tell it as we see it
  • Passion for building value and creating success - we are driven by the satisfaction of seeing value created from our work
  • People-focused - we enjoy working with people, and take a mentoring and coaching attitude toward all of our interactions with you and your staff

Forteus Consulting is led by Dr. Vincent Chun. He worked more than 15 years advancing aerospace technologies for US military and civilian programs; and computational chemistry for rational drug development for the pharmaceutical industry. He also has another 15 years of experience in various business roles, including: management consultant at a global top tier firm, finance strategy and operations at a large technology corporation, and managing portfolio companies at a technology focused venture capital company. Vincent has a PhD in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an MBA from Kellogg School of Management. In his spare time, Vincent likes to travel, teaches tai chi, and hones his figure skating skills as an adult competitor and performer at ice skating shows.

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Our problem solving process is geared toward uncovering root causes, not just treating the symptoms. Our solution approach is holistic. We provide tools that last beyond the engagement and we train your staff on the underlying principles and thought processes to achieve sustainable results. Contact us to see if we are a good fit to your needs.